Who We Are?

Welcome to The Golden Era Rock Band's official website where our beloved fans can quench their collective thirst for all things about music from That Golden Era

  Here you can find information you need about our members, tour dates / locations and be the first to know about new up-coming activities.

   Originally formed in the Mission,Texas area, we have been together for several years, however some of our members have been playing for more than 55 years.
   Marcel  Guillemette ("The Leader")  wanted to form a group, knowing there were some "Winter Tex'ns" in the area that wanted to play Rock music. Butch Grossnickle (on bass) says:" We can play many musical styles  (50 - 70's, Beatles, Everly Bros., Waltz, Polka and even a French song or two), which created the demand for us to play in the Rio Grande Valley during winter & early spring, when other Winter Tex'ns are present.

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